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Three Reasons Your Business Needs A Courier Delivery Service In Miami

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Running a business in Miami or in any part of the world takes much more than just hiring good staff members doing their right job. However, there are many factors that run behind the scene that many business owners do not even realize.

One of the most easy decision a business should make is the right way of handling their deliveries. The question that arises is should someone in-house should be responsible to make deliveries or should a courier delivery may be hired for the job.

Hiring a good courier delivery company is a great option for businesses in the Mammi area in order to get what they exactly need to be delivered on time.  There are many things that a courier delivery service can do for your business, and there are many companies out there find that using a courier delivery service helps their business running in a more efficient and effective way. A well-established courier delivery service such as Esquire Express in Miami will offer your business a fast reliable and secure services.

Read on to learn more about why our courier delivery service could positively change the way of running a business.


In today’s hectic work environment, it’s all about fast speed. In order to stay a step ahead of your competitor, you must want what you need to be done effectively, fast and securely. A good courier delivery service offers the speed that businesses actually need to run their everyday business operations securely, professionally and keeping time-sensitivity in mind. We at Esquire Express offers the same-day delivery service, we actually mean what we say- deliver your package on time. Get in touch with us and get time-sensitive packages delivered to the business client, investors and more when you need them.


Unlike other courier delivery companies, when you hire a good courier delivery service in Miami such as Esquire Express, you are guaranteed that your time-sensitive parcel will be delivered on the time you want it to be delivered. When you entrust our delivery service with your packages, we assure you to deliver at the time you requested it to be delivered and in a good condition. With our same-day delivery service, we make good on our promises thereby giving you a peace of mind.


Every business, no matter the industry in which they operate, never wants to send sensitive business documents or parcels without the assurance that they protected. Esquire Express in Miami is a fully insured courier delivery company. This means that by hiring us you are guaranteed that your package will be protected by our courier service and will be delivered on time in a good condition.


Are you looking for a reliable courier delivery service company in the Miami-area that you can trust? If so, get in touch with us at Esquire Express today.

Few Important Reasons Why Your Business Needs Same-day Delivery

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Running a business is not an easy task. It’s involves everything from managing to finance to products to services and also the employees. We at Esquire Express, we completely understand the difficulty of running a business in both an efficient and profitable manner.  With our same-day courier delivery services, you can ease up the burden of getting your company’s important packages delivered the same day on right time and in the right condition that you need.

Same- day delivery is exactly the same what it actually sounds like. With the great ability to order to get your parcel delivered, this delivery service enables both individuals and businesses to get the packages to get delivered at the time they need. This is the reason that our delivery team is committed to both efficiency and profitability of your business so that you can wisely spend your valuable time while running your business. Today, in this blog, let’s talk about some of the important reasons your business needs same-day delivery service.


For running both large and small sized businesses in an efficient way, oftentimes same-day delivery service tends to be more convenient. Fast delivery options promote efficient transaction for your business and also allows you to get on right time with what you’re already doing faster. Even in case if the items or parcels to be delivered are not so time-sensitive, it is essential to get it delivered before time. This allows you to focus on other important business projects instead of waiting for an unreliable courier delivery to get it delivered on time.


Most businesses, sooner or later, will have some important and time-sensitive parcels that need to be delivered on the same day. In this case, it’s always better to hire a courier delivery company that offers same-day delivery service and holds a proven track record off on-time deliveries and an ample experience in the industry. If you own a business in Miami and looking for a reliable courier delivery service, then you can call  Esquire Express, one of the top-rated courier delivery company in Miami on 18004398744.


If you want to deliver an important, rare purchase or fragile business package, you do not want to get worried of the risk of the package being mishandled by a reliable courier delivery service. Knowing that your business’s time-sensitive packages will be delivered the same day on time, the day you order gives you a greater peace of mind and reassure that you are trusting a courier delivery service that puts your needs first. We at Esquire Express would like to form a strong bond with you and your business that lasts for many years to come. Feel free to visit our website to know more!

To sum it up, if you are looking for same-day delivery services in Miami, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Esquire Express.

A Few Reasons Why Specialized Training Is So Important For Any Courier

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Many years ago, people used animals and birds to deliver important messages.  Later on, standard postal services rode far and wide. It’s quite hard to trace the exact place and time when courier delivery services actually started, it has been there for a long time and is continuing to grow. Today, with the help of courier delivery service,  delivering an important parcel or package today seems quite easier and simple enough.

All it needs, to drive a vehicle with the parcels or packages and reach the intended destination on time. But, special care and attention are two most important factors every courier delivery company must uphold that Esquire Express adheres to regularly. Do you know what the important thing that ensures the overall process to run smoothly? It’s proper training!

Are you wondering, why training is important for any courier delivery? Well, there are few crucial reasons, let’s take a look.


In most of the cases, a courier is called on to deliver an important item on the same day if it has been ordered. Everything it requires is smart skills and quick thinking process that can only be covered by an intensive training. In order to make sure that the couriers are ready to go on the same day, providing proper training to meet the deadlines is essential.


No one wants someone to mishandle delicate items as serious as medical equipment. In order to deliver delicate items, you need to stay careful and well prepared for any emergency scenario. Make sure that the items stay protected throughout the entire movie. This is why the all couriers should undergo intensive training in order to face any kind of scenario.


Delivering merely a parcel does not make someone a great courier. However, it’s important for any courier delivery company to offer the best customer service possible, and do whatever is possible to achieve that goal time and time again. With plenty of experience and extensive training, we at  ESQUIRE EXPRESS provide the excellent courier services for our clients.


Before an item goes out for delivery, there are plenty of important things that need to get accounted for, so that the delivery is fast, correct and overall superb. There is a separate tracking process, which requires a great knowledge of direction and different ways the technology can be impacted. Thankfully, specialized training can make learning about all such details that much easy and quite straightforward.

To wrap it up, all the of couriers on Esquire Express Team undergo the specialized training actually needed to offer the best services our clients deserve. So, if you need an important parcel to be delivered, don’t forget to keep Esquire Express in mind.

Top Four Tips To safely  Ship Delicate Items

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Come on, let’s face it! Everyone nowadays enjoys shipping packages, either locally or overseas. There are over more than billion items delivered every year worldwide. Courier delivery services have got the entire process of delivering small parcels nailed down, but do you know what happens when it’s about shipping fragile or delicate items? It is therefore crucially important to choose a trusted courier delivery company which is efficient and fast but also the one which respects your products and takes a pride in shipping carefully and delivering them in an ideal condition.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to ship a fragile item either locally or overseas, but have no idea about how to pack it in a  right way? Well, it can be stressing packing something delicate and really very important. Nobody likes being the situation where the parcel courier delivery service refuses to pay for a damaged item. So, enjoy reading this blog carefully to know about some helpful tips in order to protect your valuable items during the transportation.


While collecting packing materials to pack an item, it’s better to purchase too much than not enough. Some people consider that it’s wasteful to purchase more than they actually need, but additional packing materials can be utilized down the road to ship other items. Invest in rigid, strong packing materials that can retain its shape if the item comes into contact with other goods during transit.


Add enough padding so that your item stays securely at one place during the transit. Bubble wrap, shredded paper, polystyrene chips, or air cushions makes some of the best paddings for any merchandise.  Just grip them into the gaps between the packaging box and be sure to wrap up tiny portions separately. Having something to fill the gaps in your packing is vital because if there is excess space each side of the delicate item it can easily move about and potentially break.


Of course, you will want to let your courier service know that your shipment is delicate. So, always don’t forget to label your package fragile so the courier knows the object is delicate and take extra care of it. However, this is an additional step to careful packaging and not instead of. Many overlook this step, but hope you follow it!


One of the most important step to ensure that your fragile item is delivered securely and at the right time is to choose a reliable courier delivery company near you. If you are looking for a  dependable courier service in Miami, reach out to us at Esquire Express today!

By following the above-outlined tips in this blog, you will definitely be able to get rid of the fear to ship delicate or fragile items.

Setting Up A Courier Delivery Business: Here Are Few Tips For A Strong Start

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The courier delivery business has already been evolved up successfully tenfold times that it was earlier. There are lots of courier delivery service options available all around the world. However, people are still unsure as to whether not they should look for branching out a courier delivery service or business. Whether you have been working for a courier delivery business or new to this courier industry and looking forward to starting your own courier delivery business, you might have begun to look for good advice.

Starting your own business is a learning process. But making the smart decisions at an early point can give you a better outcome in the long run. If you have an entrepreneurial idea, below are some of the helpful tips for a strong start of your courier delivery business.


Like other businesses, you need to create a well-written business plan for all your expenses, profit margins,  and other competitive pricing. Make sure you have a clear vision of making money and the type of courier delivery work you are looking forward to. Establish your target market and know how can you get client retentions. Think a name for your courier delivery service business. Obtain a business license through your city or country, according to the business government rules and regulations.


Create a well-designed website for your courier business or hire a professional website designer to create one for you. Try to place your business website on all business cards, brochures, and advertising materials. Place your courier delivery business website in several search engines. Create your business profile in social media platforms or sign up at business platforms to start making business connections with the local business community.


Decide wisely if you will purchase or lease the method of delivery transport.  It’s advisable to choose a practical mode of transport that is safe, reliable and comes with good fuel economy. If you choose to buy a vehicle, get it checked by a professional and experienced mechanic and don’t forget to include transportation means in your business plan.


If you are looking to create a home office, consult local zone office to find out whether or not you can legally operate a business in your home space. If thinking of renting a office space, consider the cost and location first, this can help you in knowing the location and your competitors as well as your customers.


Consider hiring one or more employees for managing your office and for leaving the pickups and drop-offs to others. It’s important to conduct a sting background check before you choose anyone to work for your business. Ensure your employees have a good driving record and licensed vehicles in a case using their personal.

When starting a courier delivery business, you need to work expenses and revenue streams as well as helpful ways to win your new business.

Are you looking for best courier delivery service in Miami? Get in touch with us.

4 Types Of Businesses That Can Benefit From A Local Courier Delivery Services

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Courier delivery services come in wide range of sizes and shapes. Some courier delivery services offer bike delivery, while others are equipped with a wide variety of trucks and vans available. You often see them moving fast on bikes or zipping by you at a thrilling speed on overcrowded streets. Courier delivery services, in all their forms, are dedicated to getting assigned the package to the predetermined location at the right time and intact.

We are in the digital era, and can easily send messages to anyone, anywhere in this world with a single touch on our smartphones.  Even though couriers continue of providing an important service, but the way it used to function has developed and enhanced a tenfold than it was centuries or decades earlier.

There are some industries that demand a faster delivery service than others services. For those businesses, it’s a matter of important business and meeting the deadlines. Scroll down to learn more about the four types of businesses that depend on and can benefit from a local courier delivery service.


In today’s evolving real estate marketplace, a few time gap can create a big difference for existing and new homeowners. The successful real estate brokers and agents usually send and receive important property and sensitive legal documents in a record time. So, a quick and safe transfer of these documents is equally important. All real estate brokers and agents rely on reputable courier delivery services to keep the selling and buying process go on smoothly.


As you must have noticed that companies and organizations nowadays,  focus more and more on offering IT services and solutions for agencies and firms both midsize and large that uses couriers provide good technological solutions to their customers and clients. A local courier service enables IT, professionals, to get the defective equipment repaired faster, as well as offering the repair equipment back to the clients in right time.


Printing firms often have certain types of devices that need to be delivered to a location quickly and in a timely fashion. A good local courier delivery company enables an assurance that printing firms’ shipments are made to their predetermined destination on-time and safely. The promise of on-time delivery can prove to be a helpful marketing tool for printing firms, particularly dealing with demanding clients and customers.


Just like printing and IT firms, or any other business, manufacturing firms also need to get their goods and products out safely and as early as possible. The local courier delivery service company helps the manufacturing firms shipping their goods and products to the intended place, in right time.

Local courier delivery service offers secure and safe transport to ship important items or business-related essential documents that cannot be shipped online or through other services. We at Esquire Express offers our customers a wide variety of services that you cannot find with most of our competitors.

A Few Effective Ways To Save Money On Courier Delivery Services

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A courier delivery service is one of the most effective ways to make sure that any parcels and packages you need to deliver reach on time to the intended destination. But, many times the courier services can be quite costly and out of the planned budget, especially for individuals and businesses sending only one or two parcels to far away destinations. Fortunately, for those who are budget conscious, there are several numbers of ways in order to save a huge amount on courier delivery services.

At Esquire Express, it’s not just our mission to help individuals or businesses but also to cut courier delivery expense for absolutely everyone. We are there whether you are returning a defective product or sending a parcel to any destination. Take a look at a few helpful tips and try to save you some cash and get a better courier delivery service.


Yes, it is not always possible, but if an individual can be as flexible as he/she can it can reduce the expense. Do you know that it’s more efficient for courier services to carry out many deliveries in just one place? And if you are willing to wait, saving can be passed on, particularity if it’s the courier service you need.


If you are using the same courier delivery service for many years at the same price, no matter the size and frequency of the parcels you send, you are able to negotiate the courier delivery rates you are paying for the packages. The more packages you send the better chance you have to negotiate a reduced delivery cost.


This sounds and looks very simple. But if you give the exact details about your package that includes the dimensions and weight, you can get an offer that will be more accurate, it will lessen the chances of being overcharged by the courier service. Keep your package as small as you can. Most courier delivery service will cost you depending on the size of the package.


If any of your friend or the family member has used a courier delivery service before, it’s better you ask them in case they can recommend any local courier delivery service to you. If they use the services often you can also negotiate on the price.


There are a number of courier delivery services out there that offer the next day and same-day-delivery service, but it comes at an additional cost. If you need your package to be delivered on a specific day, then it’s better to plan and send the parcel in advance through economy service.  


No matter who are you, how many packages you are sending or where you are sending them, we at Esquire Express want you to save money on courier expenses. If you have any queries related to sending a package, get in touch with us, we are always happy to help you!

3 Must-Have Qualities Of A Good Logistics Manager

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A good logistic manager successfully handles all the resources of an organization. Typical logistic activities include – procurement of items, transportation, storage and distribution of a finished product. For the companies with a logistic department, this has been a hidden area of cost saving. Logistic managers are also known as logisticians or chain managers, that oversee all the activities right from the production of goods to the point they finally reach to the people. Nowadays they use new technologies in order to keep up with production, maintain inventory, track shipment and make sure the safe distribution of products.

Generally, logistic managers work with store managers, crew, and transportation department to make sure that everyone is on the same track when it comes to the everyday flow of information. In order to work effectively in logistic, it’s important to understand well all the aspects of supply chain. Logistic managers play an important role in ensuring that things go smoothly no matter what happens.

We at Esquire Express offer a complete range of logistics services in South Florida. If you are thinking to consider a career in logistics, and wondering what qualities and skills you need to develop. Here is a list of the must-have three qualities.


A good logistic manager should be able to communicate with the employees and vendors at each step of the logistic process. It’s true success in logistic totally depends on the ability of a manager to coordinate other parties in order to complete a transaction. An ideal logistic manager must be able to keep his/her cool in a troubling situation and swam polite under stressful conditions.


Since forecasting could be difficult for today’s fast-paced companies, a responsible logistic manager must always be forward planning for the future need of an organization. This is important, as the logistical work mostly requires at least some lead time. No matter, the task is to purchase new part, organize transportation, or to make sure that the existing resources are enough or will be required, it’s crucial for the logistics manager to be able to anticipate in which direction a company is moving. Such helpful skills will allow a logistics manager to act smarter, develop contingency plans for issues, see risks that can arise or may not arise.


Another big and important part of any logistic manager’s job is administrative. He or she should create supply and demand metric, issue production reports, documents expenses, filet training, safety records and also maintain customer-service logs. Logistic managers also create few policies that hold the company’s workers along the supply chain that is accountable for the products, they produce, ship and distribute. Good logistic managers possess all the required administrative qualities.

To conclude, so the above mentioned are the top three must-have qualities of a good logistic manager.

Looking for logistical services in South Florida?  Get in touch with us to know how can we serve your needs in  South Florida. We also have a team of experts that provide best courier delivery services in Miami.

Courier Service : Top Reasons Why Parcels Often Face Damage

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There are several cases where parcels or packages are delivered without even a small scratch, but sometimes angry customers are left to deal with completely damaged products because their packages were not handled properly.  Nowadays it has become quite common that we came to hear horror stories of expensive and precious parcels getting lost or stolen or becoming damaged in transit by big courier services. Although, there are several numbers of reasons all these situations occur, the main reason is unreliable or poor handling practices.

However, here is a list of top most common reasons why packages or parcels face damage:


Some courier service companies often hand over packages from one driver to another driver. In that case sometimes the trucks or warehouses the packages put in don’t make the suitable condition for it. Weather conditions, Temperature, humidity, shifting, vibration within the warehouse or truck itself as it moves, as well as other external factors can also impact the way the parcel look when it finally arrives at its intended destination.


Depending on the weight and size of the packet, the changing weather conditions, time constraints, accessibility to the front door, and entire ambition if the truck driver can result in the damage of the package. With the number of parcels being delivered without being checked by the recipient, it can be hard to drivers accountable.


When having important parcels to deliver, local courier services are one of the best solution available. Some courier delivery services are not able to offer the required attention to care, efficiency and care that We at Esquire Express can provide you. Right from ordering to tracking to same day delivery, and professional driver responsible for your expensive package, you can rest assured that your parcel is in the hands of skilled and competent professionals.


Behind every shipment, there involves a team of advanced machinery and individuals. While the packages are generally sorted by machines, that can also cause damage, parcel handlers are only human beings, as it is a well-known fact that sometimes humans make mistakes. The large packages can end up being tossed on the floor, thereby getting damaged before they reach their final destination.


Many times there is no sign of the road danger or hazard. Accidents can happen because of unpredictable conditions. These unforeseen conditions could be poor road conditions, animals on roads, other vehicles at excessive speeds, no lane markers, or people walking on the road irresponsibly.  This could lead to damage your packages.

So, these were the top reasons why packages often face damage. We all should be grateful for all the courier delivery workers who make sure and work hard that most of the time, the packages arrive safely. If you have any questions about our courier services, get in touch with Esquire Express today!

Simple Tips For Shipping Heavy Or Large Packages

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Are you looking for a courier service to ship a heavy or large item? At Esquire Express, we specialize in shipping packages of all sizes and shapes. Our outstanding communication system and the well-executed working plan makes us one of the leading courier delivery service in Miami.

Unfortunately, not all courier service companies show the same level of respect for your items, so get ready and pack your heavy item carefully to keep it safe during the shipment. Whether you are an individual or a business, if you need to ship an item or package that is heavier and larger than a normal item, we can help you.

Go through the below-mentioned list in order to consider to make sure that your package arrives at its destination safely and quickly.

Be Accurate

Sending heavier and bulkier packages through a courier service can be inevitably more expensive, so the last thing will be you facing any unwanted extra charges.  That’s the reasons it’s so crucial to be as accurate as you can when booking a heavier item deliver with the courier. If the package is even slightly overweight than what you actually described, you can face extra charges.

Secure and Safe Packaging

As with a parcel of any size, it is vital to consider all the stages of transit that the package will go through on the complete journey to the destination. Your item will be sorted by different machines before being moved alongside the number of other items. You should use cushioning materials ( newspaper, good quality cardboard etc ). Also use hot glue or good quality tape to secure the box, as you cannot risk the box opening at any point.

Consider Compensation Cover

Whether you are sending a big or small item, it is always a smart idea to make sure that the item is protected from further damage or any loss. Or, you may not be able to claim or you won’t get a refund back at all.  That’s why compensation cover must always be considered when you are shipping large or heavy packages.

Courier Service Comparison

Be sure to keep your mind and eyes open looking around to choose a courier service. It takes a little research to find out a company that offers the best value and lowest price for the size of the package you want to send. At Esquire Express, our highly-trained employees are able to do all the hard work for you at an affordable price.

Online Tracking

By having a full access to online tracking, you are able to monitor the entire progress of your shipped item as it makes the way to the destination. So, it’s better to send your heavy or larger item with a reputable courier service company that provides this feature.

To sum up, the above mentioned are some of the expert tips for shipping large and bulky items. If you want to know more about sending heavy items, get in touch with Esquire Express.

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