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Ways a Business Can Save Money On Delivery Services

Ways a Business Can Save Money On Delivery Services

Finding a very good delivery service deal for your business can be very daunting and time-consuming, especially if you are looking for cheap options or shipping the goods abroad. There are plenty of Parcel Delivery services in Miami to choose from. Miami delivery services enable businesses to find the most affordable parcel delivery solution for their business needs. One thing to consider is how to maximize these delivery services and save money on them. Here are a few tips on how businesses can save money on delivery services;

Package Correctly

Avoid the mistake of over-packing your products, especially if they are fragile items. Try to strike a  balance between protecting your products and keeping the postage cost low when sending items abroad. As a matter of fact, too much packaging can add extra weight to a parcel, which will increase the cost of delivery. While under packing items can lead them to getting damaged in transit, costing you more money in the long term. When packaging, use light materials like bubble wrap, Styrofoam packaging peanuts, and newspapers which provide adequate protection.

Charge Your Customers

Businesses and companies that do not have a shipping and postage policy should better create one. Inform your customers of when they will be charged for an international delivery and how much it would cost them. Most businesses charge their customers for anything above the standard service, to balance the total prices, so the customers are encouraged to order more often. To help you set a cost-effective delivery service, businesses can use a postage meter. This device has a scale which can be used for weighing your packages, letters and other deliveries. It uses this information to assess the exact cost of sending a parcel and also prints shipping labels for you. So your business won’t have to rely on the courier estimating the weight of a package and most times they charge you extra just in case your item exceeds weight requirements.

Send Bulk Orders

Try as much as possible to send a consignment with several orders in one to reduce the cost of delivery. There are many delivery services which offer up to 10% discount for global delivery when a bulk order is placed.

Book As Far In Advance As Possible

Most delivery services offer more than one delivery time option, making the cost of delivery very flexible while offering an economical delivery service. Same day or next day delivery is definitely more expensive because the delivery service providers need to put in more work to deliver the package within the allocated time frame. So if possible, all parcels should be sent in advance to ensure standard delivery, which will be more affordable compared to specialist services.

Be Accurate With Your Measurements

Ensure that the parcel is correctly measured and the measurements correctly entered into the courier website when you want to calculate the sending cost. Weight has the biggest influence on delivery price, so purchasing a shipping scale is essential if you are a regular sender. A good quality scale helps you ensure that the exact parcel weight is recorded on the shipping form, so there would be no surprises due to additional estimated costs.

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