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Top Four Tips To safely  Ship Delicate Items

Top Four Tips To safely  Ship Delicate Items

Come on, let’s face it! Everyone nowadays enjoys shipping packages, either locally or overseas. There are over more than billion items delivered every year worldwide. Courier delivery services have got the entire process of delivering small parcels nailed down, but do you know what happens when it’s about shipping fragile or delicate items? It is therefore crucially important to choose a trusted courier delivery company which is efficient and fast but also the one which respects your products and takes a pride in shipping carefully and delivering them in an ideal condition.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to ship a fragile item either locally or overseas, but have no idea about how to pack it in a  right way? Well, it can be stressing packing something delicate and really very important. Nobody likes being the situation where the parcel courier delivery service refuses to pay for a damaged item. So, enjoy reading this blog carefully to know about some helpful tips in order to protect your valuable items during the transportation.


While collecting packing materials to pack an item, it’s better to purchase too much than not enough. Some people consider that it’s wasteful to purchase more than they actually need, but additional packing materials can be utilized down the road to ship other items. Invest in rigid, strong packing materials that can retain its shape if the item comes into contact with other goods during transit.


Add enough padding so that your item stays securely at one place during the transit. Bubble wrap, shredded paper, polystyrene chips, or air cushions makes some of the best paddings for any merchandise.  Just grip them into the gaps between the packaging box and be sure to wrap up tiny portions separately. Having something to fill the gaps in your packing is vital because if there is excess space each side of the delicate item it can easily move about and potentially break.


Of course, you will want to let your courier service know that your shipment is delicate. So, always don’t forget to label your package fragile so the courier knows the object is delicate and take extra care of it. However, this is an additional step to careful packaging and not instead of. Many overlook this step, but hope you follow it!


One of the most important step to ensure that your fragile item is delivered securely and at the right time is to choose a reliable courier delivery company near you. If you are looking for a  dependable courier service in Miami, reach out to us at Esquire Express today!

By following the above-outlined tips in this blog, you will definitely be able to get rid of the fear to ship delicate or fragile items.

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