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5 Questions To Ask Before Appointing A Shipping Company For Your Business

5 Questions To Ask Before Appointing A Shipping Company For Your Business

It is essential to prepare yourself with some essential questions which are to be asked your shopping partner for your logistic requirements to be delivered on time. To deliver the item on time to your customer is worth to win the trust of your customers.

However, if you overlook this important aspect of interrogating with questions with your shipping partner can cause miscommunication with unsuccessful achievements and also can be costly. Before that, you need to prepare yourself with some relevant questions to make your logistic requirements easy, quick and effective.

Here are five questions you can ask to your shipping partner for a better process and productive result.

Question 1: Have you ever transported this type of itm/product before?

There can be many items that are heavy and expensive to be shifted with extra care and responsibility. If the shipping company has not experienced in shipping such products, so that can be more troublesome for them to take the responsibility. For an example, if your company is all about dealing the automobile products such as car, bike and other vehicles, it becomes necessary to assure the safety and perfect condition of the product until it is shipped. So choosing a reputed company can be the right decision for your shipment.

Question 2: Do you have license to process it?

One of the most important questions that you need to ask your shipping partner is about the license for the procedure. Hiring a license holder shipping company will make your process legal and any other accidental situation can be dealt with association with legal supervisory. A licensed company will have the requisite financial strength and the lawful shipping process.

Question 3: What is the time duration for the shipping procedure?

The on-time delivery of the product is very important for better relationship with client. Your shipping partner plays a significant role for a successful delivery. You can pre-discuss about the exact time frame before you handover all your items/product to the supplier. When you seek for an international delivery, this question becomes necessary an effective outcome of the procedure.

Question 4: Do you provide the facility of tracking the consignment?

Once, you have handovered your consignment to your shipping to be delivered on the right destination, you also need to get in a constant touch to know the update about the consignment and on-the-way condition.it is important to ask for a track report of product’s midway condition and time track.

Question 5: Do you provide insurance?

Although, most of the shipping company provides insurance, but it becomes necessary to get confirmed yourself by asking about the insurance. It is important to ask about the insurance as we can’t predict the future. A backup for your expenditure is important for a cost effective solution.


The above mentioned questions will help you to hire a right shipping company for a safe and successful shipment. A better planning with clear goal can deliver the best outcome. For more information, please contact us now.

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