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How to Hire a Reliable and Legit Moving Company

How to Hire a Reliable and Legit Moving Company

Finding a good mover is a difficult task that seems pretty daunting, no doubt! However, a bit of research can help you with it, which is totally worth it.

About millions of people are moving every year in the United states. Hiring a quality movers service is a vital part of this whole successful process. So, how exactly you hire a legit moving company that is reliable.

 1. Get recommendations

 Start your search by asking your co-workers, friends and real estate agents in your area. It’s a great way to start and find reliable movers. And don’t assume that a company with a big name is the best. Have a conversation with them over the phone but don’t rely on an estimate that hasn’t been given after a thorough look of your home. Also, avoid using the household-goods brokerage services or getting the estimates from websites that offer to find you a mover.

 2. Hire a local mover

 Hiring a local moving company will help you avoid getting tricked into doing business with a corrupt mover that is only operating over the internet. You can even visit the company’s office to check out their authenticity and equipments. For instance, esquire express is a Miami based moving company that is known by the residents of Miami and offers you a much reliable service.

3. An initial screening

 Once you get a few local recommendations, start your initial screening process. Go online and check out their background real quick. You can do the thorough checking later on. You can email or call the American Moving and Storage Association(AMSA) or similar organizations to check if the company is a member of it. Though it is a voluntary thing, if the company is a member then it has to abide by its published tariffs and participate in the arbitration program.

 4. Get an estimate

 When getting in-home estimates, get at least three. And if they are either too low or given online or over the phone, you better watch out. The estimate may serve as your order for service when signed by you and the representative of the moving company. Make sure there is a signature of the mover at the bottom with a date and the words “binding estimate” are there on the top. If there is something in the estimate that you are not sure about, call the movers and ask. Then, have them send you a revised copy.

 5. Check reviews

 Search the company’s name on the internet by using terms like “reviews” and “complaints”. You can also do this by going on the Department of Transport’s website and using the mover search tool to review the company’s complaint history. You can even talk to the company’s clients. It will help you know what is it like to work with this company.

 6. Avoid large deposits and extra fees

 Reputable moving companies won’t be asking for cash or a large deposit before the move. Even if deposit is involved it shouldn’t be more than 20% of the estimated cost. Anyway, you should only be paying upon the delivery. By paying in advance, you lose control over when you will be able to see your belongings again. Also, make sure that you are putting all your payments related to the move on your credit card to protect yourself from any fraudulent activity.

 So, now you know it all about how to hire not only a legit but reliable company. If you need the quality moving services for this Christmas, get in touch with our professionals today!



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