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4 Courier Servicing Challenges That We Tackle Daily

4 Courier Servicing Challenges That We Tackle Daily


Courier services, like any business, are bound to experience problems from time to time. We’ve all heard of the common horror stories of packages getting damaged, stolen, or lost in transit. But don’t worry! This is limited to a small set of cases. It is still important, however, to know situations in which your package could experience problems. The delay and loss of packages can affect consumers gravely and ultimately trace back to challenges faced by courier servicing companies.

In this blog, we will discuss the challenges faced by the courier servicing industry on a daily basis. Let’s get started:

1. Breakdown of Vehicle

The most common and almost unavoidable problem with delivery services is the fact that one day the vehicle may unexpectedly break down. We will take all the steps to make sure that their delivery vehicles are new and running well, but there are still the chances of a breakdown delivery getting late as the vehicle could breakdown for number of reasons at any time and anywhere.

2. High Volume of Packages

With the kind of services we offer, over time we have developed a consistent list of customers that continues to grow over time. We always deliver on the promise that we will deliver the maximum customer satisfaction to each of our customers. But despite this objective, there are times, especially peak seasons when the volume of packages are high,  that the package could get lost or delayed.

3. Getting Lost

As a courier service, we offer a variety of pickup and drop off of items across cities and metro areas. This includes places where the courier person probably have never been to and means that the packages might get lost.

4. Administration

Sometimes it is quite possible that the moving driver’s tasks can’t be effectively monitored. The situation is practically impossible to monitor due to parking, traffic jams, waiting time for collections among many other variables involved. Other administration challenges include finding the replacement drivers for when one is off sick or on leave etc. It all results in slowing down of service delivery and putting off the customers.

The Solution

These challenges are faced by every other business in this industry. They are inevitable! But  corrective measures are also taken in the right step by investing in reliable vehicles to avoid any breakdowns and a large amount of personnel are recruited to handle the large volume of packages. GPS units are further installed to make sure messengers doesn’t get lost and better systems to manage company records.

Problems are bound to happen but with calmness, ingenuity, and proper planning, solutions can be found to achieve the best results. If you need to deliver your packages, contact us and we will provide you with hassle free services at affordable rates!


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