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5 Factors That Makes A Courier Service Best

Are you planning to order something online? Do you want to send a gift to your friend living in another country or state? But do you know who delivers it for or to you? A courier delivery service is just like a second hand for those who are into email orders or bulk ordering businesses. Read More

4 Courier Servicing Challenges That We Tackle Daily

  Courier services, like any business, are bound to experience problems from time to time. We’ve all heard of the common horror stories of packages getting damaged, stolen, or lost in transit. But don’t worry! This is limited to a small set of cases. It is still important, however, to know situations in which your Read More

3 Benefits of Same-Day Courier Services

In 2005, when Amazon announced its “same day delivery” service, it was considered a revolutionary step in the logistics industry. Getting an item the same day the customer orders is E-commerce’s closest ever link to retail services. And while this was an considered an exclusive feature in the last decade, fast forward to now, same Read More

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