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Simple Tips For Shipping Heavy Or Large Packages

Simple Tips For Shipping Heavy Or Large Packages

Are you looking for a courier service to ship a heavy or large item? At Esquire Express, we specialize in shipping packages of all sizes and shapes. Our outstanding communication system and the well-executed working plan makes us one of the leading courier delivery service in Miami.

Unfortunately, not all courier service companies show the same level of respect for your items, so get ready and pack your heavy item carefully to keep it safe during the shipment. Whether you are an individual or a business, if you need to ship an item or package that is heavier and larger than a normal item, we can help you.

Go through the below-mentioned list in order to consider to make sure that your package arrives at its destination safely and quickly.

Be Accurate

Sending heavier and bulkier packages through a courier service can be inevitably more expensive, so the last thing will be you facing any unwanted extra charges.  That’s the reasons it’s so crucial to be as accurate as you can when booking a heavier item deliver with the courier. If the package is even slightly overweight than what you actually described, you can face extra charges.

Secure and Safe Packaging

As with a parcel of any size, it is vital to consider all the stages of transit that the package will go through on the complete journey to the destination. Your item will be sorted by different machines before being moved alongside the number of other items. You should use cushioning materials ( newspaper, good quality cardboard etc ). Also use hot glue or good quality tape to secure the box, as you cannot risk the box opening at any point.

Consider Compensation Cover

Whether you are sending a big or small item, it is always a smart idea to make sure that the item is protected from further damage or any loss. Or, you may not be able to claim or you won’t get a refund back at all.  That’s why compensation cover must always be considered when you are shipping large or heavy packages.

Courier Service Comparison

Be sure to keep your mind and eyes open looking around to choose a courier service. It takes a little research to find out a company that offers the best value and lowest price for the size of the package you want to send. At Esquire Express, our highly-trained employees are able to do all the hard work for you at an affordable price.

Online Tracking

By having a full access to online tracking, you are able to monitor the entire progress of your shipped item as it makes the way to the destination. So, it’s better to send your heavy or larger item with a reputable courier service company that provides this feature.

To sum up, the above mentioned are some of the expert tips for shipping large and bulky items. If you want to know more about sending heavy items, get in touch with Esquire Express.

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