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Are You Investing In The Right Warehousing Service?

Are You Investing In The Right Warehousing Service?

If your company deals with the shipment of goods on a daily basis, then you definitely need a warehouse.  Warehouse services provide a space for you to store your products in addition to dealing with the choosing, packaging, and shipment of all of your things.  


There are mainly three types of warehouses-

  • Public Warehouses – They offer their services for a monthly fee  and are  ideal for business with large capital. It is a very cost effective solution to the seasonal increase in the catalogue.
  • Private Warehouses – These are the privately owned ones, which operate the whole function of your business and provide a good amount of security. On the other hand, operating your own private warehouse is  very expensive, as you yourself have to own a warehouse and employ staffs.
  • Contract Warehouses – There are also companies that  offer packing and shipping services for your business on the basis of a lease contract. This is a cost effective option because the whole process will be taken care of for you.  Contract warehouses also ensure 24 hour security and professional service.

Tips To Choose The Right Warehouse Service for Your Business

  • Location – This is essential when you are choosing a warehouse service. The whole process of storing and transporting the products should be easy, for which the location of the warehouse should be near the shipping port or airport or near the company’s office. When choosing a warehousing service in Miami, make sure it’s main goal is based on the growth of the client’s business.
  • Ceiling and Shelf Storage – While choosing a warehouse service, have a look at the site. Take note of the ceiling. It should have enough height to accommodate all your goods, but not too high or else taxes will add up to your costs. Also, the warehouse must have a good number of shelves to store your surplus goods.
  • Duration and Cost – These two are important factors that you must consider while choosing the warehouse. It is essential for you to know for how long your products will be stored and according to it the fee will be decided. Choose a service that charges comparatively less.
  • Technologically Advanced – Since the world now runs centred around technology, why wouldn’t your warehouse service be? It should have a good inventory management technology, so that you can view and manage inventory levels anytime and at any place, ensuring smooth business operations.

If you are in Miami, look no further than Esquire Express. We offer a wide range of storage options, irrespective of the volume and size of the goods. Effective inventory storage and management is our important goal for client satisfaction. We provide high end security with cameras all around the warehouse for the safety of your products.

Contact Us today, and we’ll take care of all your storage needs.

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