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An Insight into Third Party Logistics

An Insight into Third Party Logistics

Third Party Logistics or 3PL, can be simply defined as a company which handles the logistic operations of various shipping services. The outsourced logistics services mainly involves planning and management for movement of shipped goods anywhere in the world.

In today’s market, third party logistics are evolving rapidly from just handling shipping and storage, to providing full fledged packages capable of supervising the whole operation.

According to a recent research, the customers of 3PL services appreciate the emphasis laid on providing total service based solutions rather than just a mere cost cutting measure. The USP of of these services lies in offering enhanced flexibility alongside extensive cost management.  

Here at Esquire Express, we specialize in providing a wide net of third party logistics services including warehouse storage, courier delivery services and much more.  

Here are some of the reasons you might like us:    

  • Scalability: A lot of budding businesses don’t have the capital to start their own delivery services. By outsourcing their logistics, they can use it as per their requirements and budget. Using our services, you can expand your business to new areas and grow your customer base.
  • Experts: Our workforce has ample experience in managing logistics services and we use the latest technology to make our work easy and effective. Hiring an third party service will ensure that your deliverables always remain in safe hands. Just send your order, stay relaxed and on completion, receive a detailed invoice for all the services used.  
  • Cost Effective: If you are outsourcing your logistics, you are saving up on a lot of money and time, There is no need of spending any of your precious budget on warehouse infrastructure, storage costs, transport and labour. This also helps in reducing your financial risk and presents the opportunity to get the maximum profit out of your investments.

  • Recurrent Optimization: Being an independent service, we possess the resources at hand to make any alterations or adjustments at any step of the supply process. Any new projects can be quickly implemented within the service without any hassles. You will never need to worry about billing, shipping paperwork, or any of the tiresome work of involved in the supply chain.  
  • Tailored Services: We have all the necessary tools needed to remodel our services to provide a customized service as per your needs. Get real time updates and track your goods through our portals. Schedule deliveries wherever and wherever you need them.
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