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A Few Effective Ways To Save Money On Courier Delivery Services

A Few Effective Ways To Save Money On Courier Delivery Services

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A courier delivery service is one of the most effective ways to make sure that any parcels and packages you need to deliver reach on time to the intended destination. But, many times the courier services can be quite costly and out of the planned budget, especially for individuals and businesses sending only one or two parcels to far away destinations. Fortunately, for those who are budget conscious, there are several numbers of ways in order to save a huge amount on courier delivery services.

At Esquire Express, it’s not just our mission to help individuals or businesses but also to cut courier delivery expense for absolutely everyone. We are there whether you are returning a defective product or sending a parcel to any destination. Take a look at a few helpful tips and try to save you some cash and get a better courier delivery service.


Yes, it is not always possible, but if an individual can be as flexible as he/she can it can reduce the expense. Do you know that it’s more efficient for courier services to carry out many deliveries in just one place? And if you are willing to wait, saving can be passed on, particularity if it’s the courier service you need.


If you are using the same courier delivery service for many years at the same price, no matter the size and frequency of the parcels you send, you are able to negotiate the courier delivery rates you are paying for the packages. The more packages you send the better chance you have to negotiate a reduced delivery cost.


This sounds and looks very simple. But if you give the exact details about your package that includes the dimensions and weight, you can get an offer that will be more accurate, it will lessen the chances of being overcharged by the courier service. Keep your package as small as you can. Most courier delivery service will cost you depending on the size of the package.


If any of your friend or the family member has used a courier delivery service before, it’s better you ask them in case they can recommend any local courier delivery service to you. If they use the services often you can also negotiate on the price.


There are a number of courier delivery services out there that offer the next day and same-day-delivery service, but it comes at an additional cost. If you need your package to be delivered on a specific day, then it’s better to plan and send the parcel in advance through economy service.  


No matter who are you, how many packages you are sending or where you are sending them, we at Esquire Express want you to save money on courier expenses. If you have any queries related to sending a package, get in touch with us, we are always happy to help you!

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