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5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Local Courier Service

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A local courier service is often an overlooked method to deliver the documents, packages, and other shipments to local destinations. However, these services are a very time and cost-effective alternative to big-name postal and carriers services since local courier firms focus to provide optimal services at affordable prices and deliver items on the same day they are ordered. A courier service can be national, international and local and these services among companies vary so when it comes to choosing the right services to meet your expectations, it is crucial to ask the right questions.


If you run a business that involves delivering packages or goods to other business or customers, it is essential to work with a reputed local courier service company. If you are not sure how to properly examine the courier services you are looking into using, making right choice can be a daunting task. Here is a list of a few questions you should consider the local courier service companies you are searching for:


There is nothing essential than having your documents or items delivered to their destinations on -time and with safety. Having drivers properly dressed up and drive branded vehicles is a great indication of reliability and professionalism of a local courier service. Drivers should be experienced and should have participants in various forms of customer serving training, so they understand the importance of delivering items on time. For example, medical drivers should always be DOT, OSHA, and HIPPA compliant to make sure the integrity of delivery.


When you select a local courier service for your business, it is vital that you determine if their service options meet your long and short-term goals. For example, you can ask these questions: Does the company offer multiple service levels? Do they deliver 24/7? Does the company provide pickup and delivery services on holidays and weekends? These questions are crucial to ensure that the courier service you hire can meet the immediate and long-term needs.


This is one of the most important questions that you should ask your local courier service company. Bonding is covering the customer or client for financial loss an insurance that if a crime that may be committed by a courier service company employee. All reputable companies should be bonded. Also, check if their insurance covers damaged, stolen or lost items. A courier company should be able to show you an insurance certificate to prove the point.


In order to further ensure that you and your documents or items are in reliable hands, ask the courier company about the chances of problems arising. Licensed and reliable companies should have high-level customer service teams in place, and clear way to get in touch with the business if anything went wrong.

If you are all set to grab the advantage of the convenience, transparent customer care  and efficiency that a local courier service provide, ask us how Esquire Express can help.

What Are The Benefits Of Same-Day Delivery

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Have you ever heard of same day delivery or tried it yourself once or twice? If you are running a business that involves delivering goods and items to customers or other businesses, it is vital to work with a delivery company that offers same-day-delivery service. At Esquire Express, we understand the value of same -day delivery and it is essential for multiple reasons. Facilitating your customers with immediate or same-day delivery services gain countless benefits for your business.


Some of the benefits of same-day delivery services are mentioned below:


A happy client is the key to a successful business. Delivering items on the same day they have been ordered helps you maintain positive and strong relationships with your clients. You need to develop a great impression on your clients, or else you might cultivate a negative impression or lose their business forever thus, limiting your ability to gain more clients.


Important items like legal documents and other confidential documents, need to be delivered even faster to ensure a litigation process, a business transaction or similar procedure operates efficiently and smoothly.  In this fast-paced modern era, no one has the time to waste and want to get their work done on time.


For most of the people, scheduling on time deliveries can be a difficult task if they want to be available when their courier arrives. With same-day delivery services, customers have the leverage to make orders as soon as they need specific items, knowing they will arrive pretty soon. This service is far better and more convenient than blocking off or rearranging a schedule.


By intimating same-day delivery service, you will watch your employees becoming more efficient towards work. It creates a workaholic atmosphere of urgency, and does wonders for the overall increase in productivity and final turnaround.


Initiating same day delivery is essential in the medical and healthcare industry.  The more swiftly medicines, lab results and pieces of equipments are delivered, the more time a doctor has to treat a patient. When someone is sick, time is really important.  


Another greatest benefit of same day delivery service to shops and businesses, is reduction in shipping expenses. When enterprises offer same day delivery they don’t depend on additional shipping charges. This means companies pay less money on fast shipping and may even be able to eliminate additional costs on shipping options for the customers. Exploring a same-day delivery service also helps to avoid dragging out the current affairs to the next day.


These are a few benefits you can get by same day delivery service. If you are looking forward to same day delivery, head to Esquire Express’s website and learn more about tying up with ESQUIRE EXPRESS to boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

How Courier Companies Keep Your Courier Safe?

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Shifting or relocating your goods and belongings are now an easy task, thanks to successful courier companies who have been dedicatedly putting their efforts to make it possible and effective. If you are wondering , how they can safely deliver your products, then, you need to have a detailed information about their work procedure. Many courier companies have been making their mark in the shipping industry by satisfying their clients at its best.

However, using courier service for the shipment has now become popular amongst us, it all happened because of the rapid growth of an enhanced and high-tech courier service. Thus, look at the procedure that a courier company takes on whilst delivering products.


Almost every courier company has got the expertise in packaging the item safely and  in well-mannered way. They set up a regular training to manage the effective and organized packaging. This way they become successful in accomplishing their first step towards a safe procedure of delivery. Many courier companies have become profound in delivery more fragile items by cushing before sealing it.  So, if you are looking for a courier service, then, Esquire Express is trustworthy to ensure your product reach safely to the final destination.


Every company ensures that they are recruiting those of the employees who are well-known to dedicate their all the effort to a successful delivery and client satisfaction. Courier companies use automated technology to ensure that parcels are treated gently.

Delivery process

Courier companies know how important the item for sender as well as recipient and also a safe delivery can prove their best service. So, they make sure their supply chain has gone through the authentic background check that includes driver, manager and other members. The process includes many standard tests so that their customers can have the utmost trusty on their service that can be justifiable to the price. They also make sure they are using courier vans with strong containers that can be commendable to bumpy roads and poor weather condition.

Tracking technology

Nowadays,. Courier companies have become more technology driven to ensure the authenticity of the whole courier delivery process. Weather its tracking the courier or a smooth communication and coordination amongst the involved members. Tracking technology allows both the sender and receiver to get assured their product have been delivered at right address and timely.

We at, Esquire Express make sure every parcel is in the safe hand throughout the delivery process so you just leave all the effort to our dedicated and honest team of courier delivery staff. For more information, contact us right now.


4 Easy Ways To Find the Right Logistics Partner

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E-commerce has emerged as a successful business and many are trying their hand to be the prominent in the particular area. As a result, the logistics industries play a crucial role as product based companies require their goods to be delivered successfully to their customers or end users. If you are also managing e-commerce business, you should be more attentive whilst assigning a logistic company.

When choosing your logistics partner, you need to consider many factors and some of them are stated below.

1. Commitment

The first and essential aspect of hiring is to ensure that your logistic partner is showing some commitments towards the work. The main aim of an ecommerce company is to satisfy its customers with on time delivery of products so the sense of commitment is must. On the contrary, there can be delay of delivery from many reasons such as traffic, weather or human errors. Such problems can be accommodated by having honest communications between both of them and even client.

2. Worldwide shipping provider

The local logistics are also the necessity for an ecommerce company. But, if a company wants to expand it business, choosing an international logistic partner is the right decision. This helps you in two ways-one you can have the benefit of local shipping and the other you can export your products internationally. So, an international logistic partner will be beneficial for you in order to make your business available worldwide.

3. Technology

Technology plays an essential role in order to make logistic operations easy, efficient and effective. This will provide an online tracking system that can be accessible anywhere, anytime where you can check for stock availability, what is the current status of shipped item and many more. This is also cost-effective as this maintains smooth coordination amongst involved parties and also maintains the supply chain.

4. Cost

Last but most important! You need to ensure  the logistic partner has transparency in proving the pricing. Also, you need to ensure that there should not be any hidden surcharges. Make sure that any minimum usage amount has been discussed in advance.So, before signing the agreement, you should make sure about the pricing which is demanded by the logistic company.

The above-mentioned tips will help you in making the right decision whilst finding your perfect and loyal logistic partner. Esquire Express has the team of experts that provide effective delivery services in Miami. If you want to avail the service, contact us now.


Pros vs Cons : Hiring a Moving Company vs Moving on Your Own

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When it comes to moving, there are a lot of choices that you need to make. From hiring a realtor, finding the right house and selecting the furniture to move are some of the hardest decisions that you need to think on. Another thing that you have to make a choice on is if you should move yourself or hire movers to do it for you.

It’s no surprise many people feel this to be totally overwhelming. That’s why we are here to help you out with deciding which option is the best one. Whether hire the movers or do it yourself, the decision not only depends on the proximity to your new home but also on your budget and of course the complexity of the move.

Moving requires a lot of preparation, no matter whichever route you decide to take. No doubt, both the options have its own pros and cons that you need to consider before making your decision.

Moving on your own


  • If you are on tight budget, this option is the best one. You can save some good money, especially if you’re moving next door or just round the corner.
  • You wouldn’t need to box up every item that is being moved as required by movers.
  • Get complete control over your moving process from start to end. It provides you the flexibility to decide when to start and end the process, the best way to protect your belongings, how to load things and where to put them.


  • You have to purchase the packing materials yourself which is not at all in small numbers.
  • It’s a time consuming task. And it can’t be stressed enough!
  • You have to do all the heavy lifting repeatedly, that would involve moving through stairs. It may just about break your back.
  • There is a high risk of potential damage to your things whose repair responsibility is solely on you.
  • This entire movie takes a lot of planning and coordination.
  • In case of an emergency, being a newbie with no professional expertise, you may end up losing not only your stuff but also time and money.

Hiring a moving company


  • You don’t have to do any lifting at all. Trained movers will be doing all the lifting and carrying that will be considerably quicker than moving on your own. This stress free move means you can just relax!
  • The movers will use the best packing materials and will handle even your most fragile possessions professionally.  
  • Unlike your friends who may not turn up at the last moment, a moving company will be reliable that will save you many moving hours.
  • You won’t have the stress of moving or parking a big vehicle along with no risk of any potential injury.
  • Apart from being responsible for any damage to your goods, the moving company will have all the equipments that are needed for a safe move.
  • Also, a reliable company will provide you insurance on your goods while being moved.


  • You don’t know the movers personally that may make you feel uncomfortable handing over your belongings to some stranger.
  • It is surely an expensive mode as compared to doing it on you own.
  • When you hire movers, you lose a great extent of control on the whole moving process.

Now you have a detailed understanding of both the options, so make a smart move! If you are looking for  a moving company, get in touch with our professional movers today!



How to Hire a Reliable and Legit Moving Company

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Finding a good mover is a difficult task that seems pretty daunting, no doubt! However, a bit of research can help you with it, which is totally worth it.

About millions of people are moving every year in the United states. Hiring a quality movers service is a vital part of this whole successful process. So, how exactly you hire a legit moving company that is reliable.

 1. Get recommendations

 Start your search by asking your co-workers, friends and real estate agents in your area. It’s a great way to start and find reliable movers. And don’t assume that a company with a big name is the best. Have a conversation with them over the phone but don’t rely on an estimate that hasn’t been given after a thorough look of your home. Also, avoid using the household-goods brokerage services or getting the estimates from websites that offer to find you a mover.

 2. Hire a local mover

 Hiring a local moving company will help you avoid getting tricked into doing business with a corrupt mover that is only operating over the internet. You can even visit the company’s office to check out their authenticity and equipments. For instance, esquire express is a Miami based moving company that is known by the residents of Miami and offers you a much reliable service.

3. An initial screening

 Once you get a few local recommendations, start your initial screening process. Go online and check out their background real quick. You can do the thorough checking later on. You can email or call the American Moving and Storage Association(AMSA) or similar organizations to check if the company is a member of it. Though it is a voluntary thing, if the company is a member then it has to abide by its published tariffs and participate in the arbitration program.

 4. Get an estimate

 When getting in-home estimates, get at least three. And if they are either too low or given online or over the phone, you better watch out. The estimate may serve as your order for service when signed by you and the representative of the moving company. Make sure there is a signature of the mover at the bottom with a date and the words “binding estimate” are there on the top. If there is something in the estimate that you are not sure about, call the movers and ask. Then, have them send you a revised copy.

 5. Check reviews

 Search the company’s name on the internet by using terms like “reviews” and “complaints”. You can also do this by going on the Department of Transport’s website and using the mover search tool to review the company’s complaint history. You can even talk to the company’s clients. It will help you know what is it like to work with this company.

 6. Avoid large deposits and extra fees

 Reputable moving companies won’t be asking for cash or a large deposit before the move. Even if deposit is involved it shouldn’t be more than 20% of the estimated cost. Anyway, you should only be paying upon the delivery. By paying in advance, you lose control over when you will be able to see your belongings again. Also, make sure that you are putting all your payments related to the move on your credit card to protect yourself from any fraudulent activity.

 So, now you know it all about how to hire not only a legit but reliable company. If you need the quality moving services for this Christmas, get in touch with our professionals today!



5 Questions To Ask Before Appointing A Shipping Company For Your Business

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Appointing-A-Shipping-CompanyIt is essential to prepare yourself with some essential questions which are to be asked your shopping partner for your logistic requirements to be delivered on time. To deliver the item on time to your customer is worth to win the trust of your customers.

However, if you overlook this important aspect of interrogating with questions with your shipping partner can cause miscommunication with unsuccessful achievements and also can be costly. Before that, you need to prepare yourself with some relevant questions to make your logistic requirements easy, quick and effective.

Here are five questions you can ask to your shipping partner for a better process and productive result.

Question 1: Have you ever transported this type of itm/product before?

There can be many items that are heavy and expensive to be shifted with extra care and responsibility. If the shipping company has not experienced in shipping such products, so that can be more troublesome for them to take the responsibility. For an example, if your company is all about dealing the automobile products such as car, bike and other vehicles, it becomes necessary to assure the safety and perfect condition of the product until it is shipped. So choosing a reputed company can be the right decision for your shipment.

Question 2: Do you have license to process it?

One of the most important questions that you need to ask your shipping partner is about the license for the procedure. Hiring a license holder shipping company will make your process legal and any other accidental situation can be dealt with association with legal supervisory. A licensed company will have the requisite financial strength and the lawful shipping process.

Question 3: What is the time duration for the shipping procedure?

The on-time delivery of the product is very important for better relationship with client. Your shipping partner plays a significant role for a successful delivery. You can pre-discuss about the exact time frame before you handover all your items/product to the supplier. When you seek for an international delivery, this question becomes necessary an effective outcome of the procedure.

Question 4: Do you provide the facility of tracking the consignment?

Once, you have handovered your consignment to your shipping to be delivered on the right destination, you also need to get in a constant touch to know the update about the consignment and on-the-way condition.it is important to ask for a track report of product’s midway condition and time track.

Question 5: Do you provide insurance?

Although, most of the shipping company provides insurance, but it becomes necessary to get confirmed yourself by asking about the insurance. It is important to ask about the insurance as we can’t predict the future. A backup for your expenditure is important for a cost effective solution.


The above mentioned questions will help you to hire a right shipping company for a safe and successful shipment. A better planning with clear goal can deliver the best outcome. For more information, please contact us now.

Reliable And Cost Effective Solution for Household Moving

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Household moving involves arrangement of several things prior to moving. This in turn makes the entire process time consuming. Besides, you have to look after your family and near & dear ones. On the basis of these factors, it becomes necessary to find a concrete solution. In order to cut down the costs incurred in this procedure, you need to act smartly. First of all, the professional movers’ service should be evaluated before subscribing to the same. Since, these professional movers are well equipped to offer you efficient and swift services, they can provide you services at a reasonable price. All you need to do is spend quality time on searching the best agency. However, you can always cut down the cost by following a few simple tips mentioned below:

Screenshot from 2017-09-28 23:14:31

1. Replacement of Some Items

There are certain items that are bulky but not costly. It is better to replace these items with the new ones as the cost will be much lesser than the total cost of moving.

2. Plan your expenses

Expenses are not just limited to paying the bills but you might have one bank loan installment standing ahead for each month. You may also choose a period of the month or year, when you would be financially comfortable to handle the moving expenses.

3. Give away some stuff in charity

There are some people who give away the old stuff to the charitable trusts. This may include clothes, accessories and even the items those are no more required by them. Most of these items are not worth getting the money by selling them, but serve great utility if they are used optimally. If there are a few items which you no longer need, it is always wise to give them to someone who needs.

4. Assess the packaging preferences

Packaging is applicable for every product whether it is soap, a delicate recording microphone or even an electronic showpiece. You wouldn’t want it to get ruined during the moving process. A professional mover will take care of the packaging and in turn ensure that your delicate household products are ported to your destination safely.

5. Guide Movers about your preferences

Esquire Express holds years’ expertize in this niche. The entire team is committed to help you deal with the relocation process smoothly. However, you can always instruct them based on your preferences. With the help of these instructions, your mover gets aware of various items being ported. You should always place the sturdy, rigid and heavy things at the bottom while loading them in the container and delicate and soft items on the top.

Hire the experts without any delay

If you are planning to relocate, why not inquire a price quote for the process. Now that you are familiar with the steps to save  money on relocation, contact the best movers in South Florida today!

5 Ways to Choose a Reliable Moving Company

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When you move from one place to other places, then hiring a moving company is always the best choice for you. When you choose a trustworthy moving company, then it can move your stuff to the new place without giving any problem to you. However, you can get the best result only if you know how to find a reliable company for this job. For your help, here I am sharing 5 ways to choose a reliable moving company.

Choose a local company

Choosing a local firm is the most important thing that you should remember in the selection of a moving company.  When you contact a company that works in your area, then you would know this company is not. That means if you are moving somewhere in Dallas, you should contact only Dallas moving companies. This way, you can avoid any extra charges, and you will know the authenticity of the firm as well.

Contact few companies

It does not matter how soon you need to move, and you should always contact at least three moving companies for an estimate and other details. Also, you should contact only local movers so you can choose a mover wisely. That means if you are in Dallas, then you shall contact 3 Dallas moving companies for same. If you have time, then it is a wise idea that you visit their office. This visit will give you an assurance about mover’s authenticity, and you will have peace of mind for same.

Get a written estimate

Before you hire any company, you should get a written estimate for the move. This estimate should include the cost of the moving, and it should also give you an assurance about safe moving. If you do not get either of these two things  on paper, then experts would not recommend hiring that company.  This estimate also needs to include the moving time so that you can move to the new place on time.

Ask about license and insurances

Movers need to have one or more licenses depending on the moving work. For interstate moving, you need a different license, and for state moving, you need different licenses. While hiring a mover, make sure you ask about the necessary licenses, and you hire a moving company only if you get a satisfactory reply. Along with licenses, you should also ask for insurance and choose a moving company that is completely insured for the job.

Take users opinion

Taking users opinion is the most important step that you need to consider while hiring a moving company.  When you take user’s opinion or reviews, then you can know more about the quality of services provided by that company. A moving agency gets positive or negative reviews from users depending on their experience. Therefore it is a wise idea that you take users opinion or reviews before hiring a moving company and you choose a company that has positive reviews.


Along with these tips, you should also avoid choosing a company that asks for entire payment in advance.  If your moving company is asking for more than 20% of the total moving cost in advance, then you should not choose that company at all. A reliable moving company will ask for the final payment only when they safely deliver your belonging to your new location. Thus, you should keep this thing as well in your mind while choosing a moving company along with the major factors mentioned above.

3 Essential Long Distance Moving Tips For You

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A long distance move is usually less frequent as compared to the local moving. However, you might feel a need to plan a long distance move. It may be related to your new college or an office relocation. You might even plan to shift to a better location than the present one. This is precisely where organizing the moving process becomes a time consuming and a responsible activity.


A moving company with specialization in long distance move is actually the solution for you. In addition, you need to take care of certain aspects to make the moving process smooth.

1. Organize Your Belongings

A long distance move  includes a  specific set of belongings that you cannot risk in any case. Organizing them before the move is quite essential. Hence, you must temporarily wrap them initially and distribute them in sections. It is advisable to mark them with stickies. A reliable long distance moving company is well equipped with boxes and containers to pack the important stuff.

Besides, you must take your time and think about the things that you actually need to move prior to packing them. You must create a checklist followed by covering the items properly with paper after they are cleaned. You must ensure that much time is not spent over organizing your stuff. The moving company will take care of the other tasks after you are done with cleaning and organizing of your belongings.

2. Take precautions for better results

You need to take precautions to handle the unexpected situations. In other words, it is advisable to wrap your valuable items with an extra layer of protection. You can simply tie them in bundles or wrap the items in bubble cases.

You can even ask your mover to provide these wrapping materials for absolute protection. In fact, it is wise to ensure that electronic products are kept at room temperature. If the packaging comes in contact with extreme temperature, heat may get trapped inside it. This can end up spoiling your electronic products.

3. Hierarchy Of Goods should be maintained

Even though, all the robust activities like lifting, loading and packing items are carried out by the moving company, you must focus on the hierarchy of the items. This will make the unloading process smooth further making it easier for you to find the essentials effortlessly in case of urgency. Moreover, you should let your mover know about the delicate items. This will help the moving company to take precaution while keeping them at a safe place in the loading van.

We are one of the leading delivery service providers that ensures safe transportation with maximum satisfaction. If you are planning to move delicate or high end items, contact us to enjoy a safe and secure move!


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