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5 Questions To Ask Before Appointing A Shipping Company For Your Business

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Appointing-A-Shipping-CompanyIt is essential to prepare yourself with some essential questions which are to be asked your shopping partner for your logistic requirements to be delivered on time. To deliver the item on time to your customer is worth to win the trust of your customers.

However, if you overlook this important aspect of interrogating with questions with your shipping partner can cause miscommunication with unsuccessful achievements and also can be costly. Before that, you need to prepare yourself with some relevant questions to make your logistic requirements easy, quick and effective.

Here are five questions you can ask to your shipping partner for a better process and productive result.

Question 1: Have you ever transported this type of itm/product before?

There can be many items that are heavy and expensive to be shifted with extra care and responsibility. If the shipping company has not experienced in shipping such products, so that can be more troublesome for them to take the responsibility. For an example, if your company is all about dealing the automobile products such as car, bike and other vehicles, it becomes necessary to assure the safety and perfect condition of the product until it is shipped. So choosing a reputed company can be the right decision for your shipment.

Question 2: Do you have license to process it?

One of the most important questions that you need to ask your shipping partner is about the license for the procedure. Hiring a license holder shipping company will make your process legal and any other accidental situation can be dealt with association with legal supervisory. A licensed company will have the requisite financial strength and the lawful shipping process.

Question 3: What is the time duration for the shipping procedure?

The on-time delivery of the product is very important for better relationship with client. Your shipping partner plays a significant role for a successful delivery. You can pre-discuss about the exact time frame before you handover all your items/product to the supplier. When you seek for an international delivery, this question becomes necessary an effective outcome of the procedure.

Question 4: Do you provide the facility of tracking the consignment?

Once, you have handovered your consignment to your shipping to be delivered on the right destination, you also need to get in a constant touch to know the update about the consignment and on-the-way condition.it is important to ask for a track report of product’s midway condition and time track.

Question 5: Do you provide insurance?

Although, most of the shipping company provides insurance, but it becomes necessary to get confirmed yourself by asking about the insurance. It is important to ask about the insurance as we can’t predict the future. A backup for your expenditure is important for a cost effective solution.


The above mentioned questions will help you to hire a right shipping company for a safe and successful shipment. A better planning with clear goal can deliver the best outcome. For more information, please contact us now.

Reliable And Cost Effective Solution for Household Moving

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Household moving involves arrangement of several things prior to moving. This in turn makes the entire process time consuming. Besides, you have to look after your family and near & dear ones. On the basis of these factors, it becomes necessary to find a concrete solution. In order to cut down the costs incurred in this procedure, you need to act smartly. First of all, the professional movers’ service should be evaluated before subscribing to the same. Since, these professional movers are well equipped to offer you efficient and swift services, they can provide you services at a reasonable price. All you need to do is spend quality time on searching the best agency. However, you can always cut down the cost by following a few simple tips mentioned below:

Screenshot from 2017-09-28 23:14:31

1. Replacement of Some Items

There are certain items that are bulky but not costly. It is better to replace these items with the new ones as the cost will be much lesser than the total cost of moving.

2. Plan your expenses

Expenses are not just limited to paying the bills but you might have one bank loan installment standing ahead for each month. You may also choose a period of the month or year, when you would be financially comfortable to handle the moving expenses.

3. Give away some stuff in charity

There are some people who give away the old stuff to the charitable trusts. This may include clothes, accessories and even the items those are no more required by them. Most of these items are not worth getting the money by selling them, but serve great utility if they are used optimally. If there are a few items which you no longer need, it is always wise to give them to someone who needs.

4. Assess the packaging preferences

Packaging is applicable for every product whether it is soap, a delicate recording microphone or even an electronic showpiece. You wouldn’t want it to get ruined during the moving process. A professional mover will take care of the packaging and in turn ensure that your delicate household products are ported to your destination safely.

5. Guide Movers about your preferences

Esquire Express holds years’ expertize in this niche. The entire team is committed to help you deal with the relocation process smoothly. However, you can always instruct them based on your preferences. With the help of these instructions, your mover gets aware of various items being ported. You should always place the sturdy, rigid and heavy things at the bottom while loading them in the container and delicate and soft items on the top.

Hire the experts without any delay

If you are planning to relocate, why not inquire a price quote for the process. Now that you are familiar with the steps to save  money on relocation, contact the best movers in South Florida today!

5 Ways to Choose a Reliable Moving Company

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When you move from one place to other places, then hiring a moving company is always the best choice for you. When you choose a trustworthy moving company, then it can move your stuff to the new place without giving any problem to you. However, you can get the best result only if you know how to find a reliable company for this job. For your help, here I am sharing 5 ways to choose a reliable moving company.

Choose a local company

Choosing a local firm is the most important thing that you should remember in the selection of a moving company.  When you contact a company that works in your area, then you would know this company is not. That means if you are moving somewhere in Dallas, you should contact only Dallas moving companies. This way, you can avoid any extra charges, and you will know the authenticity of the firm as well.

Contact few companies

It does not matter how soon you need to move, and you should always contact at least three moving companies for an estimate and other details. Also, you should contact only local movers so you can choose a mover wisely. That means if you are in Dallas, then you shall contact 3 Dallas moving companies for same. If you have time, then it is a wise idea that you visit their office. This visit will give you an assurance about mover’s authenticity, and you will have peace of mind for same.

Get a written estimate

Before you hire any company, you should get a written estimate for the move. This estimate should include the cost of the moving, and it should also give you an assurance about safe moving. If you do not get either of these two things  on paper, then experts would not recommend hiring that company.  This estimate also needs to include the moving time so that you can move to the new place on time.

Ask about license and insurances

Movers need to have one or more licenses depending on the moving work. For interstate moving, you need a different license, and for state moving, you need different licenses. While hiring a mover, make sure you ask about the necessary licenses, and you hire a moving company only if you get a satisfactory reply. Along with licenses, you should also ask for insurance and choose a moving company that is completely insured for the job.

Take users opinion

Taking users opinion is the most important step that you need to consider while hiring a moving company.  When you take user’s opinion or reviews, then you can know more about the quality of services provided by that company. A moving agency gets positive or negative reviews from users depending on their experience. Therefore it is a wise idea that you take users opinion or reviews before hiring a moving company and you choose a company that has positive reviews.


Along with these tips, you should also avoid choosing a company that asks for entire payment in advance.  If your moving company is asking for more than 20% of the total moving cost in advance, then you should not choose that company at all. A reliable moving company will ask for the final payment only when they safely deliver your belonging to your new location. Thus, you should keep this thing as well in your mind while choosing a moving company along with the major factors mentioned above.

3 Essential Long Distance Moving Tips For You

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A long distance move is usually less frequent as compared to the local moving. However, you might feel a need to plan a long distance move. It may be related to your new college or an office relocation. You might even plan to shift to a better location than the present one. This is precisely where organizing the moving process becomes a time consuming and a responsible activity.


A moving company with specialization in long distance move is actually the solution for you. In addition, you need to take care of certain aspects to make the moving process smooth.

1. Organize Your Belongings

A long distance move  includes a  specific set of belongings that you cannot risk in any case. Organizing them before the move is quite essential. Hence, you must temporarily wrap them initially and distribute them in sections. It is advisable to mark them with stickies. A reliable long distance moving company is well equipped with boxes and containers to pack the important stuff.

Besides, you must take your time and think about the things that you actually need to move prior to packing them. You must create a checklist followed by covering the items properly with paper after they are cleaned. You must ensure that much time is not spent over organizing your stuff. The moving company will take care of the other tasks after you are done with cleaning and organizing of your belongings.

2. Take precautions for better results

You need to take precautions to handle the unexpected situations. In other words, it is advisable to wrap your valuable items with an extra layer of protection. You can simply tie them in bundles or wrap the items in bubble cases.

You can even ask your mover to provide these wrapping materials for absolute protection. In fact, it is wise to ensure that electronic products are kept at room temperature. If the packaging comes in contact with extreme temperature, heat may get trapped inside it. This can end up spoiling your electronic products.

3. Hierarchy Of Goods should be maintained

Even though, all the robust activities like lifting, loading and packing items are carried out by the moving company, you must focus on the hierarchy of the items. This will make the unloading process smooth further making it easier for you to find the essentials effortlessly in case of urgency. Moreover, you should let your mover know about the delicate items. This will help the moving company to take precaution while keeping them at a safe place in the loading van.

We are one of the leading delivery service providers that ensures safe transportation with maximum satisfaction. If you are planning to move delicate or high end items, contact us to enjoy a safe and secure move!


5 Smart Tips For an Easy Move

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Some of you may be just love to explore new cities, move in, new homes where half of the other side just don’t like to think about it at all. Shifting is a hectic process but moreover it is time consuming & expensive one.

Every one of us love to save money while we do shopping, eating, travelling and even in shifting. Earlier, web was maybe not there for you to guide but thank god now you have large amount of information available online to save your back.

A smart precise information can save thousands of bucks and reduce loads of hard work you put unnecessary. Now you have source to save your time.

So, Here iam writing 5 smart tips to follow next time when you are planning to shift :-

1. Plan earlier

Plan shifting 2-3 weeks before to organise things easily. Avoid last minute rush that will make you forget important things to pack. Make a list and get the job done one by one every week just to make sure every single thing is been taken. The early planning also gives you time to check for various of movers and packers in the market. Compare them and then make an informed decision.

2. Label the boxes

If you want to make things easier for yourself then mark the boxes related to stuffs kept in it. For eg- if one of the box consist books then write in a large font outside the box what it contains. As this also make the job smoother for those friends and movers who are helping you out in shifting, as well as saves much of your time that goes in finding out stuffs at your new home.

3. Choose weekdays

I know, most of the people go for weekends when it comes to shifting or other house stuffs. But it is better to opt for weekday as movers don’t have much commitments for the day. where in weekend they remain busy due to the load of work keeps coming in. They will give your place a bit extra time and treatment as they have time to do so.

4. Protect valuables

All the delicate objects like art, showpiece, glass material etc should be packed very carefully with an extra protection given inside the box too. Keep the showpiece inside the socks as it prevent the object from any kind of damage or breakage.

5. Avoid garbage bags

I have seen many people using garbage bag to keep the things inside it while shifting. I have a advice to give in this matter, try to avoid the use of it as much as possible. Most of the time friends and family who gathered at your place for shifting throw these bags or leave it there by assuming the bag is consisting waste material. If you are making a use of one then place it inside the vehicle first by yourself.

Bonus tip

This era is all about digital world and ewallets. Everything can be found easily but acquiring right information is still a difficult job to do. As now you have all the smart tips to make your next shift smooth then what’s the wait for? Contact one of the best mover in florida to deliver your high end and delicate product safely to the place.


4 Courier Servicing Challenges That We Tackle Daily

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Courier services, like any business, are bound to experience problems from time to time. We’ve all heard of the common horror stories of packages getting damaged, stolen, or lost in transit. But don’t worry! This is limited to a small set of cases. It is still important, however, to know situations in which your package could experience problems. The delay and loss of packages can affect consumers gravely and ultimately trace back to challenges faced by courier servicing companies.

In this blog, we will discuss the challenges faced by the courier servicing industry on a daily basis. Let’s get started:

1. Breakdown of Vehicle

The most common and almost unavoidable problem with delivery services is the fact that one day the vehicle may unexpectedly break down. We will take all the steps to make sure that their delivery vehicles are new and running well, but there are still the chances of a breakdown delivery getting late as the vehicle could breakdown for number of reasons at any time and anywhere.

2. High Volume of Packages

With the kind of services we offer, over time we have developed a consistent list of customers that continues to grow over time. We always deliver on the promise that we will deliver the maximum customer satisfaction to each of our customers. But despite this objective, there are times, especially peak seasons when the volume of packages are high,  that the package could get lost or delayed.

3. Getting Lost

As a courier service, we offer a variety of pickup and drop off of items across cities and metro areas. This includes places where the courier person probably have never been to and means that the packages might get lost.

4. Administration

Sometimes it is quite possible that the moving driver’s tasks can’t be effectively monitored. The situation is practically impossible to monitor due to parking, traffic jams, waiting time for collections among many other variables involved. Other administration challenges include finding the replacement drivers for when one is off sick or on leave etc. It all results in slowing down of service delivery and putting off the customers.

The Solution

These challenges are faced by every other business in this industry. They are inevitable! But  corrective measures are also taken in the right step by investing in reliable vehicles to avoid any breakdowns and a large amount of personnel are recruited to handle the large volume of packages. GPS units are further installed to make sure messengers doesn’t get lost and better systems to manage company records.

Problems are bound to happen but with calmness, ingenuity, and proper planning, solutions can be found to achieve the best results. If you need to deliver your packages, contact us and we will provide you with hassle free services at affordable rates!


Courier Delivery Service Explained

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The Internet has no speed limit. Through mobile devices and high speed internet, the world can feel a lot smaller, the exchange of information across countries happening almost instantly. However, unlike bits of data that can be shot over thousands of miles in milliseconds, physical objects do have a speed limit. They are bound by geography and still travel across roads. They need to be carried in cars and trucks with a special attention to packaging and the physical safety of the objects inside. This is why you need an effective courier delivery service in order to ensure that your package arrives to its destination safely and on time.

Courier delivery service companies provide for all sizes of businesses, from small businesses to multinational corporations. There’s a high demand for quality delivery, so these delivery service companies have even grown into global enterprises themselves. But this is no easy task. In order to fully understand the ins and outs of courier delivery services, important questions still remain, such as how do these courier services deliver our belongings with such precision? What are their other responsibilities and functions?


The first concern that courier delivery services need to address is the price of your delivery. Most of the times they have a base price for a standard weight. Courier delivery services then weigh your belongings, increasing the price at a certain rate according to the additional weight.


The second step in the delivery process involves placing your order. There are a variety of options available today, so you can decide to physically go to a courier delivery office and fill out the paperwork for immediate shipment or you can order a pick up date online via the website of delivery services accordingly.

After the order is placed, it is very important that you fill in all the details for the shipment and cross reference for accuracy. Make sure to include the recipient’s full name, address, and the content of the  shipment one needs in order to add everything to make the delivery easier.

Then comes one of the most integral stages of a courier delivery–packaging. It is absolutely necessary to carefully pack fragile objects such as decoration pieces, statues, crockeries. Even other objects that appear less susceptible to break still need to be treated with care. If you are not sure of what kind of packaging your belongings require you can contact the courier delivery services for suggestions.

The delivery service will then proceed to transport your package to its destination. For short distances within towns bikes trucks, and minivans are often used, while shipping and airplanes are normally reserved for longer distances.


Finally, you receive the order and the process comes to an end. Many companies offer tracking codes to make it easy for you to locate your belongings throughout the delivery process. The delivery service company also verifies the receiver’s identity before it is officially considered “delivered” in order to minimize error and maximize customer well-being.

Couriers are now a global phenomena. Ships, vans, airplanes are at constant service to meet the delivery demands of people and businesses all over. Esquire Express is Florida’s premier courier delivery service with over 25 years of experience serving customers throughout the entire state. Call or visit their website for all your delivery needs.


Tips On Securing Your Belongings During the Holiday Season

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Do you want to move to your new house or office during the holidays, but are worried about the safety of your belongings? This is the time of the year when many people choose to use their time off to take a vacation or relax. But if you’ve chosen to be productive and relocate, don’t worry, you still have plenty of options.

Moving during the peak of vacation season is challenging, but choosing the right relocation service provider can make all the difference. One of the areas where a service provider is particularly useful is in securing valuable items, such as passports, security card, birth certificates, and other important documents.

Here are some tips on some of the best ways to make sure that your belongings are safe and secure over the holidays:

Take Inventory and Label

The holiday season is fun, but also chaotic, which, for moving, can make for an overwhelming experience to handle all alone. It’s very easy to lose your valuables, so it’s important that you take the proper steps to secure your belongings. You should:

  1. Mark all of your belongings and keep a count of all of your belongings
  2. Track what’s already packed and what still needs to be handled
  3. Make a before and after list
  4. Label everything

Following these series of steps will help you stay organized and make sure that you don’t forget or lose anything.

If you’re worried about the safety of your belongings, then you should consider purchasing insurance. Even if you are hiring movers, insurance is a good option because it provides an added safety net in case something bad happens. It will not only provide you financial relief in case your valuables get damaged, but it also more importantly let you to relax and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Deposit Box

Banks are also a safe option in terms of holding your valuables. Bank deposit boxes are the perfect place to store passports, jewellery, or other important items because you don’t have to worry about misplacing anything. Everything is stored away safely in one place until you re-open the box. You can have a deposit box against particular charge which is a specific amount decided by the bank but the charge is worth the services it offers.


Warehousing is also another option. It’s perfect for storing office documents or other important belongings, whether you are looking for short term or long term storage. Warehouses have the storage space and capability to hold large amounts of goods, so size won’t be an issue. With warehouses, you just drop off your stuff and you’re good to go.

If you need to secure your valuables, Esquire Express, Inc. offers some of the best warehousing facilities at affordable prices. Contact us for a smooth storage experience.

Are You Investing In The Right Warehousing Service?

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If your company deals with the shipment of goods on a daily basis, then you definitely need a warehouse.  Warehouse services provide a space for you to store your products in addition to dealing with the choosing, packaging, and shipment of all of your things.  


There are mainly three types of warehouses-

  • Public Warehouses - They offer their services for a monthly fee  and are  ideal for business with large capital. It is a very cost effective solution to the seasonal increase in the catalogue.
  • Private Warehouses – These are the privately owned ones, which operate the whole function of your business and provide a good amount of security. On the other hand, operating your own private warehouse is  very expensive, as you yourself have to own a warehouse and employ staffs.
  • Contract Warehouses – There are also companies that  offer packing and shipping services for your business on the basis of a lease contract. This is a cost effective option because the whole process will be taken care of for you.  Contract warehouses also ensure 24 hour security and professional service.

Tips To Choose The Right Warehouse Service for Your Business

  • Location – This is essential when you are choosing a warehouse service. The whole process of storing and transporting the products should be easy, for which the location of the warehouse should be near the shipping port or airport or near the company’s office. When choosing a warehousing service in Miami, make sure it’s main goal is based on the growth of the client’s business.
  • Ceiling and Shelf Storage – While choosing a warehouse service, have a look at the site. Take note of the ceiling. It should have enough height to accommodate all your goods, but not too high or else taxes will add up to your costs. Also, the warehouse must have a good number of shelves to store your surplus goods.
  • Duration and Cost – These two are important factors that you must consider while choosing the warehouse. It is essential for you to know for how long your products will be stored and according to it the fee will be decided. Choose a service that charges comparatively less.
  • Technologically Advanced – Since the world now runs centred around technology, why wouldn’t your warehouse service be? It should have a good inventory management technology, so that you can view and manage inventory levels anytime and at any place, ensuring smooth business operations.

If you are in Miami, look no further than Esquire Express. We offer a wide range of storage options, irrespective of the volume and size of the goods. Effective inventory storage and management is our important goal for client satisfaction. We provide high end security with cameras all around the warehouse for the safety of your products.

Contact Us today, and we’ll take care of all your storage needs.

Tips on choosing the right Delivery Service for your Business

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Delivery services play  an important role in business because they ease geographical reach Enterprises, from large corporations to small businesses, will likely require shipment of documents or other products on a daily basis. So when you’re looking for the right courier service for your business, you have to consider a few things.


How to choose the right delivery or courier service for your business

One day delivery services are the most convenient and most in-demand .

  • The first factor  to consider is the speed of the delivery. Some companies may need to get their package  delivered within a few hours or on the same day. So look for companies that offer  rush services as well as same day services.
  • You also need to consider price. . Standard and higher quality delivery services will usually be in the mid to high price range, and will most likely offer quality security as well. Security is definitely an important component of delivery services that you need to consider, but you should always compare their prices to local ones in order to get the lowest price for the best security.  But, it is always better to choose them in comparison to local ones, promising a much lower cost as reputed courier services offers good security.
  • Considering reliability is also necessary. Both your reputation and the courier service’s reputation is attached to the quality of the delivery.  In other words,  if you promise your delivery to your client the same day and it doesn’t get delivered, both you and your delivery service’s reputation in the market is at stake.  So in order to maintain your reputation and good relationship with your customers, always make sure to look for delivery services that you can rely on to deliver on time.
  • With smartphones in everyone’s back pocket, tracking your package is easier than ever.  Delivery services use  tracking software to help you know where your package is at all times, allowing you to easily figure out where your package is and when it will arrive.
  • Customer reviews are also another important factor of delivery services. . Doing some research is bound to give you a company that satisfies your needs. But looking at customer reviews can help you find a company that can guarantee high quality services.  

If you have any questions or concerns about your package, you’d want that addressed right away. That’s why it’s important to choose a company that has 24/7 customer support. Esquire Express values the time of their customers, and  their hard working team delivers packages as fast as they can. They provide a variety of services, from same day delivery to an even faster option of receiving your package within several hours (2-4 hours).

Esquire Express takes pride in being the largest courier service of Florida, with a good reputation among its clients. If you kindly take some time out of your day to contact us, we would be happy to help you. .



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